Lesson Five


When I was first contacted by the Higher Intelligences of the many realms, one of the first to make his presence known was Metatron. I asked him, "Who's Metatron. The name sounds rather evil!" I heard a hearty laugh, much like that of our thought of the way Santa Claus would sound:  very fatherly, very wise and very loving. Metatron answered me in my syntax, "You may call me the executive assistant to God." Having been in business for many years, I knew what the position entailed, and I understood. It wasn't until a few years later, picking up The Keys of Enoch, that I learned he was stating an obvious truth.

 Hurtak defines 'Metatron' as: " 'The Garment of Shaddai'. The visible manifestation of the Deity as 'Garment' of the Father. Almighty, Eternal Lord and 'Divine Voice' of the Father. Creator of the outer worlds. Teacher and guide to Enoch and Creator of the Keys. Metatron is the creator of the electron. In other writings, Metatron is considered 'the lesser God'. The right and left hand of the Father'."

 I consider myself so blessed and fortunate that Metatron has stuck with me all these years, often presenting information about our growth in a more realistic fashion than some of the other telethought communiques that I have witnessed. I not only place Metatron in the highest regard, I also look to him as a friend. He is the one giving me direction most of the time.

Hurtak states that Metatron "receives us as we go through the gates of Orion from this Son universe into the Father universe of the Elohim Creators (Creator Gods)". In the past lessons, we spoke of the Trapezium Orion and the Pleiades as being the places where our programming and bodies originated. Within the Trapezium Orion (the star region of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka) and aligned with the Father's Throne, there consist what is termed "inner heavens". These inner heavens are the foundation for creation and destruction. In other words, within these "heavens", the creative process is written for birth and regeneration. (We say 'regeneration' because there is no "death" within these heavens. There is only the birth of something and the realignment (regeneration) of already existing things).

The three star regions within the Trapezium Orion, are one of the gateway areas where the universes come together, so to speak. No, they don't exist at the same time within a point of space. Instead, the gateway from our universe to the Son and Father universes (within our universal construct). We have all heard of Lords of Light and Councils. The term, "Council of Nine" seems to be thrown around much on our planet. Please realize that there are many councils of nine, depending upon the region, universe and dimension about which one speaks. But, within the Lords of Light, within the many mansions of the Father, within the gateway to the higher universes, lies a Council of Nine that works with the Lords of Light to coordinate the pyramidal functions of all galaxies in the Son universe which "use the programs of the Eternal Father".

The constellation, Orion, has numerous triads within the star structures. If we could look at star placement of the Orion constellation in 3-D fashion, being able to rotate the stars with their correct distance from each other, we would see the pyramidal patterns of which the Keys speak. Metatron once asked me to gaze at Orion. Then, through a wonderful light show, he rotated the stars so I could understand and witness the patterns of which they speak. I was shown how pyramidal structures of Light were created from Betelgeuse to Rigel, from Alnitak, to Alnilam and Mintaka. These are not flat, 2 dimensional pyramidal structures. Rather, they are 3-D and multidimensional when the correct distances, other base stars and dimensional frequencies are added.

 Hurtak states that the Pyramid of Light structure in Orion is used within the Father Universe while in our local universe, the structure within Sagittarius is utilized. The "major Paradise Son Pyramids form triads in conjunction with Rigel and Betelgeuse. Lords of Light program from Mid-Way station Pyramids which are major planning areas of intelligence such as Sabik, Sirius-Ea and Arcturus".

When Hurtak visited Father, he had to be prepared by Metatron. The Master Pyramid of Light is not just revealed under meditation or reached without the direct aid of Metatron. Remember, we spoke of Metatronic half-life upon this planet. In other words, we have only half a brain when it comes to these matters, and we don't even utilize all of that half.
Toward the end of our present cycle (programming cycle), which is rapidly approaching, the Masters (working with Metatron) "will place the pyramid capstone of higher evolutionary technology upon these pyramid grids to complete the program of organic evolution". The Lords of Light were here, on "... this planet, during the formation of the space-time grids for the astrophysmal Pyramids of Light".

Ideas that allow a specie to evolve to the "next stage of Light technology" are given through these astrophysical Pyramids. When man can utilize these new technologies, he can then venture into other worlds of Light. Metatron's name is a vital link for us to become coparticipants in the higher heavens of creation [Ours, The Holy Spirit]. We shall see in later lessons how we influence creation. Remember, Metatron is the Creator "of the 'outer Light' which penetrates the regions of formlessness and void".

Creator Gods create their own Hierarchical patterns by utilizing the Light envelopes, given by Metatron. These Light envelopes are the "Thought-Forms" of the "Ancient of Days". The term "Ancient of Days" refers to the programming that is in place right now (or past programming). This programming was originated aeons ago and it is this programming which is coming to an end, thus becoming the Present of Days (or the new programming that is to be put in place).

Metatron hands down, so to speak, the Will of the Father (in form of Edicts) that are transcribed for the Son universes and lower planetary worlds. His 'outer Light' is projected into the "matrix of stellar creation". This tells us that the suns of planetary systems are encoded (programmed) with an intelligence, which, in mm, governs what type of life can evolve within these star systems. Every galaxy acts as a foundation stone of Light.

Every galaxy has sun systems and each sun system has its pyramids of Light structures, just as planetary systems have their structure of Light, too. However, planetary systems which have succumbed to the fallen Lords of Light do not have these pyramidal Light structures.
In order for us to actually be within the reality of the Father's Throne, we must "call upon the sacred name of Metatron in relationship to the Christ Body Overself". It is Metatron who emanates the wisdom and knowledge of the Father to all universes [For us, The Holy Spirit]. This is important in order that the star universes can have their central core programmed in the name of the Father. Without this blessing, any life evolving within that universe (local or immediate) cannot evolve into the Adam Kadmon of creation. (Only those biochemical lifeforms whose creation was blessed by Father can be part of the Adam Kadmon.) Without Metatron doing his special thing, stars systems cannot unify with the core memory (programming) that
 resides in the center of the galaxy. From the spiritual Israel upon our planet, all races of Man can be coordinated, bringing the biochemical life-forms into the kingdoms of Light.

Those realities, or kingdoms, that do not survive are part of the fallen darkness where Father's Light has been intercepted and manipulated by the fallen Lords of Light for their own benefit. These fallen worlds do not have the understanding and wisdom to join in with the                                                                                                                         "mum-evolutions" ' of consciousness communication". It is unfortunate that these life-forms of intelligences must reside on the edge of the galaxies, away from the Central Core, and play out their own programming created by themselves. (This usually means the destruction of such races, eventually.) Again, Star Trek's prime directive comes into play. These beings cannot be allowed to interfere and possibly destroy other life-forms who have been blessed with the Father's programming of Divine Will and Plan. (This is why our planet has been visited by such nasty little beings such as the Greys. We are still part of the fallen paradigm. It is becoming, however, more and more difficult for these beings to 'bother' us as we grow in our spiritual awareness.)

 We have all, from time to time, wished that we would become Ascended Masters. But, be careful what you ask for. The Ascended Masters are taken into the Central Core and instructed on new programs of "redemption and resurrection" so that they can help the physical beings evolve from a Population I system into a Population II star system. Hurtak defines 'Population I Life Systems' as: "New physical civilizations beginning to evolve within singular star systems". That's us! "Population II Life Systems" is defined as: "Physical civilizations of higher consciousness using two or more sun/star systems. The worlds and civilizations of higher technology just entering into the consciousness layer of thought-form
technology and the work of the masters". This is where we are trying to go. And, this is no small task.

Remember me talking about the Metatronic half-life of our minds and intelligence? A civilization utilizing the Metatronic half-life function can only see the spectrum of light wavelengths of their sun. By getting ourselves out of this Metatronic half-life, we would be able to see "pluralistic radiations of multiple electromagnetic spectrums". Enoch tells us, through Hurtak, that "we are only between the outer sides of the Pyramids of Light and the Pyramids of Eternal Night". Which way do we go?

The Lords of Light built physical pyramids and encoded them with the knowledge of Metatronic physics. Man must first be able to bring together the spiritual languages and scientific gifts before he can enter into the presence of the Throne. This has been the battle since man created religion. Bringing science and spirituality together to compliment one another and from which to learn greater things. The United States was created to separate church from state. A great idea, since the church had gotten out of control (or in to more control of peoples' lives). But, we cannot separate our spirituality from our actions. We are an interesting species of man, often having difficulty in growing out of our own box and allowing new information to, dare we say, influence the other sciences. I think we are getting closer and closer to doing this. Hopefully, we can do this prior to the end of our program for this cycle.

Before going any further, we must first define two types of angelic being. The first is the Cherubim. Now please do not see these beings as little chubby children with wings. We often confuse them with artists' renditions. The Cherubim is, according to Enoch, "Angelic order which comprises the keepers of the celestial records. They guard the entrances to the thrones and dominions which form the base of the Father's Thrones". I have seen these beings. They are not 'small' by any means. The second being which requires defining is the "Ophanim.". The higher angelic minds of light who serve the Father and Son universes by governing the heavens through 'wheels-within-wheels' and by transforming spiritual form
into categories of multidimensional biological creation. It is the duty of these two types of angelic beings to "train the various galactic councils in the language of Light, so that those councils can synchronize the time cells of their administration with the right knowledge within the turning of the Wheel of the Law".

This is very important to understand since it now shows that the Councils that deal with each level of creation, such as man upon this planet, also need instruction as to how to carry out the beings of whom they have been put in charge. The 'Wheel of Law' is, basically, the instruction of the dispensing of what is considered "proper" for each soul evolution. Each creation of the Divine Will of Father has specific programming that must be followed. We are at a place within our spiritual evolution that we either sink or swim. Father prefers that we learn to swim first, then walk on water later. So the Wheels of Law can actually "speed up" the process for a species of being that is coming to the end of their programming cycle. By helping us out, they can take us to the ultimate point as a non-evolving perfect physical being, in order to release the spirit from its trapped conditions of fallen light and enter into His Kingdom.

Hurtak states, through Enoch's teachings, that "even the fallen angels, at the end of a great cycle, will be freed from the lower heavens if they accept the Father's Love with complete obedience to His Word". And that also tells us something:  we must do the same in order to evolve to the next level of Father's Divine Plan.

There are so many beings of the Father's Hierarchy who are doing their best to teach us and help us grow in our spiritual journey. "There are seventy brotherhoods of Light working within our universe, all having within them the ability to understand any type of spiritual language or any type of spiritual knowledge which is shown to them from the Hierarchy of Light." This is most reassuring.

The Brotherhood of Melchizedek works with us to help us awaken our consciousness. They also work with the reprogramming of light. The Brotherhood (Order) of Enoch teaches us through the sciences and keys "necessary to evolve star seed evolution and to build Pyramids and pyramidal grids of light upon the planets". This has been happening for the past several years. The Order of Michael (that's Archangel Michael) protects the many universes. Without Michael, various intelligences would "randomly transplant and genetically re-engineer species serving the cosmic Law". This is a no-no in Michael's eyes. Without the Order of Michael, we would be experiencing "massive invasions of fallen angels and intelligence into other planetary worlds, turning species on other planets into sub-species and slave kingdoms". I have had to utilize Michael's many gifts in the past. Archangel Michael is also know as the administer of justice. He is fair, but firm. When Michael speaks, I listen!

One of the things that I am very aware of  is the fact that although Father's Divine Plan and program was intercepted by the fallen Lords of Light, it is often sanctioned for these beings to come around us and give us what appears to be a bad time. This is all part of the wisdom of Father. Although the plan was intercepted, He still has the ability to rewrite things in order that we can grow from our experiences. The test is that of temptation. As Hurtak writes, "this is the last temptation that mankind is collectively being put through to see whether we will serve the 'lesser space gods' or share love with the angelic Hierarchies to the glory of the Father". Don't I know!!

The lower worlds are constantly in the state of chaos and require much attention and repair. Without this help from the many emissaries of Light, we would have gone down the flush aeons ago. These three Brotherhoods are directed by Michael, Gabriel, Remiel, Raphael, Uriel, Yophiel and Phanuel. They are the problem solvers. I have been working with four of these beings since I started several years ago. I am so thankful for their wisdom and love.

We need to understand here that not all of humanity upon this world is of the fallen. Many will be chosen to be the new leaders in the time to come. Others have been sent here (having to lower their light-body frequencies into physical form) to teach. Those who are chosen will be taught by the members of the Brotherhood's High Command, while those who came to teach will be taken by Metatron "into the presence of the Father's Throne".  People do not understand that there have only been a handful of Masters who have been 'taken up' into the divine presence during each planetary cycle". We also get the 144,000 screwed up. Some feel only 144,000 will be taken. This is not true. (This refers to the) 144,000 Lords of Light within our Universe.

One thing that Enoch states is, that there will be many "false spiritisms and false astrologies and astronomies arising at the end of an era confusing the Ascended Masters and Masters who together serve the Father from those Masters of the changing solar Hierarchy and lower planetary councils who have not been taken up and introduced to the higher realms". This is a warning to us, stating that there is only ONE way to go. That is to love the Father with all your beingness. Do not be lead astray, oh ye Children of God. This test is soon to be upon us. (See 1999 Prophecies in the index.)

An Ascended Master .... what does one do? Basically, they connect the Light workers on the lower heavens with the higher heavens. They do this through teaching those who are ready to listen, learn, grow and who have a major role in the creation of change.

As we grow in our spiritual awareness and our love, new universes are created in which we, as well as others, can experience a new level of growth and love. Universal realities die, as do the old paradigms. But there are constantly being created new realities to meet the needs of newly found awakenings. Again, these newly formed worlds are connected to Metatron.  When we look at some of the extraterrestrial life-forms, we see that there were those who did not balance their creation with the Name of the Father. Their creations (including themselves) became grotesque in their appearance and their regard for life.

In order to keep us 'in the dark', so to speak, the fallen Lords of Light confused us by creating all the languages upon our planet. Instead of man following the original language of God, we were forced to have language barriers so we could not connect the dots to our spiritual evolution. But! Man will soon have the ability to once again understand and learn. One source of learning is "The Book of Knowledge -The Keys of Enoch". I consider this 'my' Bible, or sorts.

Several years ago, when Metatron first came in, it was a somewhat casual time with him. He taught me and gave me encouragement to continue with my studies and learn my gifts. A couple of years ago, the Year of Metatron was announced. This meant that we were now under the extreme highest hands of Father. Our planet was being administered to, even though, at times, we questioned whether it was indeed happening. But, I have never lost my faith in the Father's Hierarchy. They are here for a great reason. The Light of Metatron is now upon us.

When our planet fell unto the fallen Lords of Light, man was purposely confused so that he would not affect the harmonies and balance of other worldly kingdoms. By utilizing the Light of Metatron, in conjunction with the Christ Overself body, and only in the Name of the Father, man can pull himself out of the pits he has dug for himself or followed, as the case may be, to bring himself into a higher realm of understanding so that he may, one day, "enter into the presence of the Almighty".

We must serve the Father's Divine Will and participate "in the creation of 'new earths,'" and not just utilize the spiritual dimension of thought ["do" and not just "think about"]. Hurtak states, by way of Enoch that it was "Metatron in counsel with the Mid-Way Lords of Light who asked that the Ancient of Days withhold judgment on the lower planetary dust worlds of darkness." Thank you, Metatron! [CHRIST is our Intercessor].  But, we have a choice, of course. We can either destroy ourselves within the darkness, or accept the higher "Law of Light - the Torah Ohr".

Hurtak writes that "if we are able to take the knowledge of the Egyptian documents of Light and fuse together a pulsating geometry of a thought-form with a given color, placing them together on the right vibration of consciousness, then the experience of going into other worlds through the Pyramid is revealed". This says so much about where we are today. Unfortunately, people tend to misinterpret this information. Many tend to attempt the practice of alignment of themselves and their surrounding world without first becoming one with the Father's Will. You can see it in their actions and the results within their lives.

Without first working on ourselves, accepting the Father's Will and carrying our new faith into action, we will only be doing the action of attempting to create, without the wisdom and knowledge to complete the task. At this point, we enter darkness once again, and actually tend to screw up what the Hierarchy is attempting to unscramble for us. Intent, once again, becomes a primary focus. If there is still anger in the heart, the intent cannot be pure.

Also, be aware that the fallen Lords of Light have "taken the names of divinities and disguised themselves as gods". The only way to discern whether they are truly of the Father's Divine Plan and Hierarchy is to say the following in their presence: (Phonetically written) Qa'dosh, Qa'dosh, Qa'dosh ... Adonai Tsabeyot'h. Beings of this type cannot be around the frequency this phrase generates. The phrase means Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts. I, personally, continue on by saying, "Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory .... Glory be unto thee, oh Lord Most High."